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Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (RBA) is the independent National Public Broadcaster established under law No. 42/2013 of 16/06/2013 and operating eight Radio Stations and the national TV channel, Rwanda Television.

RBA is a fast-evolving broadcaster and seeks to continuously be Rwanda’s leading source of news and information by providing high quality programming that entertains and educates mindful of continuous adoption of new innovations.

To achieve this vision and as specified under article 8 of the RBA law, the public broadcaster must be governed by a Board of Directors whose responsibility is to ensure that the institution carries put its mandate in an independent environment and constantly responsive to the demands of the public. 

As the law states, the Board of Directors shall be the supreme governing organ of RBA selected from the Civil Society and Private Sector only. They shall demonstrate independence and shall neither seek nor accept instructions from any authority unless otherwise provided by law.

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Shortlist: Camera Operator

Shortlist: Archive Digital Operator

Written results: Demand Creative Officer

Final Results: Driver