Over 18000 classrooms have been built to reduce school dropouts


Over 18000 classrooms have been built to reduce school dropouts

Yanditswe March, 14 2019 at 09:14 AM | 4710 Views

About 18000 classrooms have been constructed 10 years since the Government of Rwanda embarked on joining hands with parents to construct these classrooms.

This was done to reduce congestion in classes but also the journey students would take to have an education.

In different parts of the country, classrooms have been built both for primary and secondary education. These were built in partnership between the government and parents.

Some head teachers, parents, students all converge thoughts on the idea that these classrooms have brought positive change in education in general.

It was a solution as it increased the number of students going to school, school dropouts reduced significantly and parents were also eased when it comes to costs of transport a child used to pay, as now they study closer to their homes” MULINDA JOSEPH ERIC GS KABUSUNZU Headteacher

"When you teach a sizeable number of students you manage to follow them up and help those who have concerns more easily” UFITINEMA CLAUDINE, GS KABUSUNZU teacher.

The ministry of education says this programs has reduced congestion in classes and also gave rise to 9 and 12 years basic education, which reduced the number of school dropouts. In 2018-2019 the construction of these classrooms stalled for reasons explained by the state minister in the ministry of education in charge of primary and secondary schools Dr Isaac MUNYAKAZI.

“The tubes we needed were the 1.5 which were not available in the country, the company brought items to be assembled here and if the contract was respected , classes would have started when classrooms are completed, we have iron sheets and when we have all we need, it wont take a week until its complete”, he said.

The Ministry of Education says that since 2009 till 2018 in partnership with parents, 18,457 classrooms were constructed 33,494 toilets, 416 teachers dormitories and 448,779 students desks, 18,312 for teachers and 18,204 tables. The government has invested about 113 Billion Rwf without considering the role of citizens.

One of the resolutions during the national leadership retreat was to increase classrooms to reduce congestion.

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