RING THE BELL FOR WOMEN: Private Sector urged to emulate Public Sector in Gender


RING THE BELL FOR WOMEN: Private Sector urged to emulate Public Sector in Gender

Yanditswe March, 19 2019 at 12:16 PM | 5695 Views

With Rwanda's efforts in Gender Promotion commended Worldwide, the Private Sector is being urged to emulate the Public Sector in this respect. This comes as the Bell at the Rwanda Stock Exchange was on Monday rang in honor of Gender Equality.

Officials at the Rwanda Stock Exchange explained the significance of ringing the bell for this cause. Also present were officials from the Gender Monitoring Office and they emphasized the importance of Gender Equality in all aspects of society and sectors.

"The Public Sector has obviously made quite some progress, because the Government has been doing all it can, but when you look at the Private Sector, there is still a big difference, with women at 44.6% of the workforce, but their roles are usually on the bottom end. They spend 35 hours every week performing household chores, while men spend just 8 hours doing such things. This has been proved through research. They spend an additional 35 hours in activities to do with economic development, so the Gender Gap does exist in that respect. We understand that we all need to perform household chores equally, so that women too can go out and make money and develop," Jean Paul Kabera - Deputy Chief Gender Monitor

Only 4% of the World's CEOs are women, just 12% of all Board Members in leading Institutions globally are female.

The Promotion of Gender Equality in Global Markets has been seen as Paramount to development, hence the reason the drive is also in full swing here in Rwanda.

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