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Yanditswe May, 02 2019 15:59 PM

Responsible organs tasked to produce 1.5 Million jobs before 2024 say they are on track to achieve this objective. The citizens however have also been called upon to play their role in this program to ensure it is a success.

Some citizens engaged in business activities in Kigali Gasabo district say that they decided to change their lives by focus on entrepreneurship. They agree that one can start small and achieve many things in business.

'' There is nothing you can achieve without work, to create employment you need to start small and keep growing but again sitting and thinking that a bank loan will help is not enough, the loan will come but they will start charging before you even make profit. The beads I grow connected me to so many people and countries, people come once and bring other people along next time. It’s the only job I have and I have been able to pay school fees for my kids, health insurance and more,” MUKAFURIKA ANNONCIATA- /GASABO

'' Create employment is simple for someone who has taken time to think and make the right choice. there are many projects that a person thinks about but knowing the one that will generate income is key. You have to think of a project that requires little investment, you don’t need to start while thinking of banks, when you incur losses, and your assets will be auctioned. You have to start small and later reach out to banks, it’s better that way. Like these chickens, you can start from 5 or 10 chicken and after they lay eggs, at the end of the year you may have about 500 chickens” NIYONKURU REGIS-

In bid to speed up development, a national program was initiated in 2017 that will create at least 1.5M jobs at the end of 2024, creating at least 214.000 per year.  Nkuusi Livingstone, coordinator of BDF branches explained how entrepreneurs are supported financially. 

'' We support in starting business, investing in it. University graduates with great ideas in agriculture, BDF injects money without having to go through a bank. There are also youth who start their projects with bank loans without collateral also those who we give loan of equipment. In general, the youth now understand that creating jobs is more tangible than looking for jobs in the private sector” NKUUSI LIVINGSTONE- /BDF

Since ‘‘kora wigire'' started about 4 years ago, about 190.000 jobs were created. MINICOM also says that there is hope for achieving the set target of desired jobs among the youth.

“When I look at how we managed to achieve EDPRS II it gives me hope because according to a research on job creation last year we managed to help create 206.000 jobs yet the target was 200.000, you understand we exceeded expectations. I believe in the first year of NST1 I believe we shall achieve 214.000 Jobs” NIYOMUTABAZI GERMAIN- /MINICOM

According to Integrated Household Living Conditions Survey 5, citizens able to work, that is those above 16 years of age were 6,756,000, among those 53,3% are women, while 78% live in rural areas, and 42% work at least 2 jobs and 16% working three jobs..

The survey revealed that those involved in agriculture were many and made about 69,8%, while those involved in trade were at 9% and 4% in construction work.

In the three years this research was conducted, the working force increased by 356k people which is at least 1,8% per year while means more jobs are needed to capitalize on the manpower the country continues to gain.

John Bicamumpaka &Friday James (Voice-over)

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