Ugandans living in Rwanda express satisfaction on how they are treated


Ugandans living in Rwanda express satisfaction on how they are treated

Yanditswe January, 17 2020 at 09:40 AM

Ugandans living in Rwanda have expressed their satisfaction over how they have been treated in Rwanda over the period of strained relations between the two neighboring Countries.

Early 2018, a long-time simmering conflict between Rwanda and Uganda turned into an open confrontation, resulting in the frequent arrests of Rwandans in Uganda.

On the contrary, Rwanda did not reciprocate this decision and as a result, Ugandans currently living in Rwanda say their security has never been compromised.

Ms Nampijja commonly known as Maama Jackie is a Ugandan restaurant owner that has lived and worked in Rwanda for over 15 years. She says Rwanda has become her second home and has since been carrying out her business safely.

Some Ugandans living in Rwanda believes that Rwanda’s decision of not reciprocating what its nationals have been going through in Uganda depicts the value attached to the brotherhood. 

The recent move by Uganda of releasing nine  Rwandans detained in Uganda for more than two years has been appreciated by both parties and could be a kick-off of mending the three years of diplomatic stand-off between the two erstwhile friends.

Gloria Mutesi with the details...

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