• Kwibohora28: Intambwe yatewe mu buhinzi mu myaka 28 – Soma inkuru...
  • Kwibohora28: Ishusho y'ubukungu bw'u Rwanda 28 ishize – Soma inkuru...
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PHOTOS: Leadership retreat turns focus on health sector, call for quality healthcare

President Kagame and First Lady Jeannette Kagame attended the second day of the 17th National Leadership Retreat in Gabiro.... Read More Feb 17, 2020 | Views: 6710

ACP Lawmakers urged to foster youth and women participation in national development

On Day 2 of the 55th Session of the ACP Parliamentary Assembly here in Kigali, participants were urged to foster youth and women participation. ... Read More Nov 18, 2019 | Views: 11185

CNLG express confidence in Macron's team to probe France’s role in Genocide

CNLG urges that the Genocide probe Commission must be allowed to access classified documents on the bilateral relations between Rwanda and France. ... Read More Oct 21, 2019 | Views: 3032

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