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You have a duty to fulfil for this Continent, President Kagame tells African Youth

Yanditswe Feb, 20 2020 18:12 PM | 38,452 Views

This Thursday at Kigali Arena, President Paul Kagame joined Giants of Africa (GoA) founder, Masai Ujiri, GoA Ambassador Myrah Naomi Namtume Oloo and Isha Sesay, American Journalist of Sierra Leonean and British descent for the launch of the inaugural Giants of Africa Festival.

The inaugural Giants of Africa Festival is scheduled to take place in Kigali from 16-22 August this year.

While speaking at the launch of the festival, President Kagame noted that, whether it is sports, culture, entertainment and many other sectors, leaders continue to find a pathway for young people to grow and become giants where they should be. However, he said that young people equally, carry the responsibility to fulfill the enormous potential they have to drive the continent to another level.

“ To young people when you are talking about Giants of Africa and the festival we are going to have here, it’s a reminder first of all that you young people are giants in the making. Which means there’s a lot of work you have to do in order to fulfill the enormous potential you have and see across our continent,” President Kagame said.

He added: “The importance of this moment is that we are clear about that path and we don’t take anything for granted. We have to invest in ourselves and do what needs to be done and especially take opportunities availed to us like this moment and this festival hold for the African young people who form the majority of the population of our continent,”

The GOA Festival will highlight the change to the GOA camps format – bringing 11 countries, and 200 youth to one location, as well as showcase the rich diversity, culture, and resources of Africa, highlighting the many elements of the festival such as fashion, food, and entertainment

During the festival, the GOA organisation will also introduce the Education component and the importance the impact will have on youth.

While speaking about the expectations of the people who will attend the festival, President Kagame noted that: “I just want to welcome everyone and you will see that going towards August that this country is a welcoming country, it’s a country that wants to do itself proud and do it for Africa. So that all of us at one time can be wherever we want to be and fulfill our aspirations.” 

Photos by Village Urugwiro 

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