Rwandans to compete on 'Chinese Language' with students from around the world

Rwandans to compete on 'Chinese Language' with students from around the world

Yanditswe May, 19 2019 at 12:00 PM | 2712 Views

Through what was called the Chinese Bridge Competition held on Saturday, students learning the Language and Culture of the Chinese people were able to showcase what they have picked up so far.

Officials from the Chinese Embassy here in Rwanda have confirmed that the best performers from this competition will get the opportunity to complete with other Chinese Language students from around the world in China this coming August.

Students at the University of Rwanda who have decided to Minor in the Chinese Language say they believe learning the language will help them to not only interact with other people that speak Chinese, but also open up more opportunities for them in their future careers.

They were required to speak the language in public, show some of the cultural norms and highlight some of the current events from the People's Republic of China itself.

The Students believe learning these things will eventually open up many opportunities for them, a process that has already begun.

"This is a language you can easily use in communication and as civil engineering students, being able to speak Chinese means more job opportunities in Chinese Construction Companies. Others have even gotten scholarships to go and study in China because they speak the language." Charles Ntakiyimana - UR Student

"I major in Mathematics, but i decided to minor in the Chinese Language after hearing and liking it. It will help me to ensure my future, because i can use it in a variety of jobs, including being an Interpreter." Christine Mahoro - UR Student

The University of Rwanda's Principles agree that the Students made the right choice when they decided to learn Chinese.

Since 2009, the Confucius Institute has been teaching Chinese to Students at the University of Rwanda and currently has 1,000 learning the Language.

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