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The 30th Pan African Mathematics Olympiad kicks off in Kigali

Yanditswe May, 16 2023 18:25 PM | 9,427 Views

This Tuesday, students from 26 African countries converged in Kigali joined by other six countries virtually for the Mathematics competition that is proceeding until 22nd May on its 30th edition.

The competition aims to leverage mathematics to solve the challenges in the social economic development in African nations.

The competition also sights to empower youth by unlocking their mathematical talents and skills for future greater problem solving and critical thinking not forgetting improving the partnership of African countries in this regard.

The Minister of Education, Dr Valentine Uwamariya who officiated the event commended the competition to be complimenting the vision of Rwanda of transforming human capital through science and technology to fix the challenges in the country and the continent.

In this competition, students are expected to be taking math tests in order to improve and prove their knowledge in the subject. Students are set to also represent their countries and are looking forward to winning the competition so as to get to the next step of representing the African continent in the world competitions.

“We expect to win, this is the first time we participated in this competition face to face, so we are ready to share good news with our families, friends, and schools we come from, we also want to learn from others and get to know what really encourages them to continue working hard towards this competition.” Said Lukeny Pequinino from Namibia.

Education experts argue that having sufficient knowledge in mathematics is one of the most important things that would help Africa to solve some of the problems that threaten the development of the continent.

The Pan African Mathematics Olympiad competition takes place annually and the next is set to take place in Congo Brazzaville.


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